Falooda with cress seeds

Falooda_with_cress_seeds2Falooda (wiki) is a very popular (ice)-drink which is mainly consumed in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Middle East and South Africa. The combination of syrup, vanilla ice cream with soaked cress seeds create a very special flavor. This soaking of the seeds create a kind of frogspawn that make a very special texture. The classic version uses basil seeds and extra noodles / vermicelli as well. Note, there are many variations known, for example, with additional pieces of fruit. The recipe on this page, keeps it simple.



falooda_ingredients_cressCress seeds (200 per glas)
Vanilla ice cream (1 part)
Milk (1 part)
Sirop (1/5 part)


  • Allow the cress seeds to soak in water for at least 2 hours. Half a day is best. Use a sieve to separate the water from the seeds
  • Put the cream and milk together and blend it into a milkshake-like consistency
  • Carefully stir the seeds with the ice foam
  • Fill the glass with a layer of syrup first.
  • Add the ice foam on top of it.
  • You can use a leaf cress for garnish

Let the cress seeds soak for a few hours


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