Cress pesto


Cress pesto on toast

Instead of basil you can also make pesto from cress!

What do you need:

Two hands of Cress
Olive oil
Handful of  Pine Nuts or Cashews
Handful parmesan cheese
Pepper / Salt
Hand blender or mortar


In this recipe a mortar is used. You could also use a hand blender.

  • When using a piece of Parmesan cheese, make sure you rasp it beforehand.
  • When using pine nuts, rooster them golden brown in skillet, before adding them to the rest of the ingredients.
  • Add the cress, pine nuts or cashews and Parmesan together in the mortar together with some oil. Keep adding olive oil until you get a smooth paste. Taste the pesto and season it with a little pepper or salt.

Cress is delicious with pasta, but also delicious as an appetizer on bread or toast.


Cress pesto ingredients


Ingredients in a mortar


Grin the ingredients in a mortar to a pesto like substance.


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